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How to get starting as a model?

Are you in fit shape? Cute & Sexy?

If you are in Southern California and between the ages of 18 to 26 in fit shape, cute and sexy looking and want to be a model FanTCimage / Model FanTC is the place to start! You do not need to be tall, have large breasts or be as thin as a fashion model to be a project model! In fact fashion models do not always make the best choice for a photographers project! The most important thing you will need to get started is,  #1 Be early and ready. #2 Embrace all forms of modeling and become great at all the different categories of modeling, like – Portraits – Fashion – Glamour – Cosplay – Artistic – Implied Nude – Nude – Erotic (not meaning porn).  In our weekly Events we try to cover as many of these as possible!

If accepted we will “at no cost to you!”
Provide you with a portfolio and networking opportunities at the very least. We might even offer you a contract and make you an Official Model at Model FanTC with your very own webpage!


How to become a Model? Submit below!